Legal Advisory and Legislative Drafting

We are one of the leading providers of legal advisory and consultancy services advising public and privately held commercial businesses in HKJ.
Our legal services to our corporate clients’ are not limited to taxation, social security, and competition law, we also provide extensive contract drafting and negotiation assistance on a wide range of contract matters.
The firm Legislative drafting, reviewing Agreements & Contracts and advice and recommendation aiming to ensure the clients to protected and the optimal commercial position is maintained and Preparing and reviewing contracts and ensuring their compliance with governmental laws and set terms and conditions.

Litigation and Dispute Solutions

SJS litigation and arbitration practices has acquired an excellent reputation since the start of our firm in 2005 where it was the first department established, we were known for handling difficult cases, complex disputes and have won plenty of cases before the Jordanian Courts of First Instance, the Appellate, the Court of Cassation as well as Arbitration Committees. We provide a broad range of legal representations to our clients from all over the world.
Our attorneys work team enable us to excel in delivering our litigation and dispute resolution, including but not limited to the following:
⦁ Dispute Resolution.
⦁ Dispute Resolution and arbitration under ICC, LCIA and UNCITRAL rules.
⦁ Mediation.
⦁ Arbitration.
⦁ Litigation include:
⦁ Commercial Litigation
⦁ Civil Litigation
⦁ Criminal Litigation
⦁ Landlords & Tenants Litigation
⦁ Insurance Litigation
⦁ tax dispute
⦁ custom law
⦁ Aviation Law
⦁ telecommunication law
⦁ IP counterfeiting.
⦁ Transport and Logistics.
⦁ Maritime Issues
⦁ Environment law
⦁ Medical Negligence
⦁ family law, divorce issues, alimony And Child custody.

Corporate and foreign investments

Our firm advises companies across all sectors on general corporate matters and assists both local and international companies in expanding their business in Jordan and overseas or vice versa.
The firm’s provides legal services regarding corporate mergers and acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Privatization, Insolvency and Corporate Recovery, Liquidation of companies, formation / transformation of public and private shareholding companies, the registration of offshore companies in tax haven jurisdiction, agency, distributorship and licensing arrangements, and all other issues thereto.
We present a comprehensive set of services with regards to corporate registration s whereby the firm registers, follows up, and legal representation before the Ministry of Industry and Trade on behalf of clients.
Moreover we advise our clients on all matters relating to matters of employment, including recruitment, retention and termination issues. Specifically, provides advice related to employees contract termination, agreements termination , labor law issues, confidentiality agreements, internal bylaws, consulting contracts, employment contracts, and drafting or reviewing employee regulations or handbooks.
Corporate Services team can particularly assist as follows:
⦁ Establish companies ,Register as a formal entity.
⦁ Register companies and sole proprietorships within and outside the development zones, free zones, Industrial zones, Aqaba Special Economic Zone, governorates and companies control department Jordan.
⦁ Interact directly with regulatory authorities on behalf of clients.
⦁ Assist with residency visa/immigration matters.
⦁ Issue the licenses and the approvals necessary for economic activities to conduct their business.
⦁ Register a trademark or trade name.
⦁ Act as a company secretary to make a Prepare board, shareholders meetings packs.

Intellectual properties

We are specialized in all facets of Intellectual Property Law to meet our clients’ expectations.
We provide them with the registration, prosecution, maintenance, licensing and counseling related to trademarks, patents, copyrights, industrial designs and models in Jordan, Providing Legal Advisory Identification of rights, Drafting and reviewing Intellectual Property Agreements & Contracts, licensing agreements, Franchising agreements, Agency & distribution agreements and Non-disclosure & confidentiality agreements all over the world through our network of associates and partners.
Furthermore, we provide services related to infringement / Anti-counterfeiting, search in the Jordanian markets to advise you of any infringement on your trademarks, Infringement actions, counterfeiting, opposition, cancellation, and appeal actions and Unfair competition & antitrust.
We believe that the protection and enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), requires knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the law, the technology, and the business modules of the international commerce.
Where Our litigation attorneys’ take a great role in advising and assisting to protect our clients’ rights, we contribute in enforcing the law, by offering legal consultations in jurisdictions across the world via our international network.
Our partners and associates help us to satisfy our clients’ needs by providing intensive perfected researches which enrich our legal and professional experience in the global market.