About Us



As the global business environment is witnessing and\or experiencing greater Complexity Due to the Turbulent World Economy, and the fact that new trends in the legal service market are emerging; a Need for an integrated set of Legal Services has long been due.
The Advanced Jordanian Company for Arbitration and Settlement of Legal Dispute (SJS Law Firm) was established by the attorneys Mr. Samer Al Farrayeh, his Excellency Al-Sharif Jamil Bin Zeid, and Mr. Sami Al Farrayeh with the idea to present a modern law firm which facilitate the Integration between multiple legal services thus reflecting the vision of Judicial Council & Ministry of Justice.
Our Head office located in Amman, the capital of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and we have a branch in Al-Karak Governorate and we are establishing another two branches one in Aqaba Governorate and the other one in Irbid Governorate to cover all the Kingdum our attorneys, associates, paralegals, and administrative staff work in great harmony and committed to our strategy to satisfy and fulfill our clients’ needs by providing optimum quality of legal services. We under take’s this mission in a systematic way by providing our clients with professional legal planning that suits their business.
We offer the business community a new concept of legal services by benefiting from the unlimited resources and qualifications available, in addition to following solid ethical standards and deep commitment to excellence.
Our confident team of attorneys works enthusiastically and eagerly to contribute to the future development of the region. We have a team of highly experienced advocates and business professionals who are able to draw upon an international network of contacts to provide the most efficient methods and solutions to deal with any legal problem or business opportunity. We work closely with clients to offer a great breadth of practical experience and sound legal judgment.
We strive to be known worldwide as the leading Jordanian law firm by offering the highest quality of legal services to our distinguished clients.
(SJS Law Firm) has quickly evolved into one of the most reputable law firms in Jordan. We have expanded our local work by pleading before all the Kingdom’s courts in all governorates of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan from the North to the South. Our presence in the governorates is to serve and support our clients wherever they are and to provide comprehensive legal services to ensure that our clients receive the most commercially viable legal solutions.